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About Radio Meteor Observing Bulletin

The RMOB is an independent initiative of some workers in the field of radio meteor scatter observations and data reduction. It started in August 1993 in order to spread the Perseid results via E-mail. Since then, it has appeared monthly, and it has gradually been expanded. In regularly publishing summaries of observations, potential radio observers are kept up to date of existing installations, possibilities and limitations of radio meteor observations. In the long run, there should be sufficient observing stations to cover the whole globe, allowing to detect stream outbursts which may remain unnoticed visually.

RMOB contains typically: summaries of previous month's observations, equipment data, first results of stream activity by radio methods, relations between radio and optical meteors, references to other publications in the field of meteor astronomy and radio scatter techniques, announcements of meetings, short questions and answers, links to interesting web sites.

Contributors are mentioned, and interested persons are asked to contact them directly.

RMOB can be copied freely in unabridged and unmodified form. Extracts should indicate the source (Radio Meteor Obs Bulletin, month and year).

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